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Talk about nature & animals & the universe.

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Demo chat
Test chat messages.
    TestAKBL1082023-03-10 15:55:45.744Z
    Render to Texture not working
    (this is test post) Hi! I’ve been working on testing the Render to Texture feature on a project but I can’t get it working, the first thing I tried was installing this NuGet: ECS.Graphics.Desktop.2.1.0-alpha0035 as my boss instructed me but I got thi...
      TestW02023-02-16 09:39:00.536Z
      weather forecast
      Today it is cloudy and windy in Germany
        TestK02023-02-02 09:51:34.104Z
        What value does our nature have for you?
        Our nature is worth protecting. But everyone's perspective is different, right? What value does our nature have for you and what can we do to protect it?
          NatureK02023-02-02 09:37:43.358Z
          Why is a group of crows called a murder?
          What is the etymology of the term murder used for describing a flock of crows?
            NatureMSCTK132023-02-02 09:32:52.540Z
            hi there
              Test?ZJ112023-01-31 06:29:29.835Z
              Do dolphins have names?
              Do they call each other by name? Like humans do, except that they use those beep sounds instead of voice?
                NatureMKOZ292023-01-13 10:09:10.832Z
                Test research
                what is ste question
                  NatureJT22022-10-25 16:01:27.908Z
                  test question
                  test topic
                    TestJ12022-09-15 07:28:12.769Z
                      TestW212022-09-14 11:17:00.521Z
                      Explain icons...
                      php with forum
                      Im start learn PHP
                        NatureP02022-09-13 07:42:02.447Z
                        how to use talkyard?
                        asdsdf sadf as
                          TestGGRFT202022-07-21 07:41:41.534Z
                            TestF02022-06-30 09:45:39.555Z
                            my Chat
                              TestF02022-06-30 09:45:24.957Z
                              For testing purposes.
                                Test02022-05-06 18:16:43.931Z
                                What is the story?
                                Tell me how to help tell a story.
                                  TestALPK2R142022-04-29 22:34:53.053Z
                                  What about whales then?
                                  A pretty basic editor, if you ask me...
                                    NatureB02022-04-06 16:23:25.183Z
                                    solana Blockchain
                                      TestL12022-03-31 08:47:38.117Z
                                        TestT202022-03-01 08:47:21.443Z
                                        View on YouTube Working , Not working on main page
                                          TestP02022-02-08 01:38:26.027Z
                                          TestC02022-01-31 09:52:06.766Z
                                          TestH12022-01-27 16:10:43.608Z
                                            TestH12022-01-27 16:10:21.534Z
                                            Please fix this test
                                              NatureHHH22022-01-25 15:14:15.951Z
                                              Another test topic post
                                              My testing post content goes here.
                                                TestTH12022-01-25 15:09:48.113Z
                                                  TestV12021-12-29 10:33:33.074Z
                                                  Test for using coding QnA
                                                  Topic for trying TY in software development field
                                                    TestS22021-12-28 11:37:18.362Z
                                                    Quais os melhores procedimentos para evitar a contaminação nos ambientes de trabalho? Aferir temperatura diariamente?
                                                      TestPP2ECH62021-12-04 11:08:32.545Z
                                                      This is Donald forum
                                                        TestTEB22021-11-02 16:26:57.525Z
                                                          NatureLEB22021-11-02 16:26:02.254Z
                                                          Healthy Living
                                                          Healthy living
                                                            TestNES42021-10-16 18:03:41.563Z
                                                            NatureW3LE32021-10-06 02:39:16.852Z
                                                            What is MAPI ?
                                                            As a new user I have no idea what mapi is.
                                                              TestI22021-09-29 14:21:28.187Z
                                                              Teste Guilherme
                                                              Teste Guilherme
                                                                TestG02021-08-27 18:57:36.262Z
                                                                TestJ02021-08-06 19:49:11.242Z
                                                                What flower?
                                                                What type of flower is this, in my garden?
                                                                  TestYNBJ92021-08-06 19:48:09.134Z
                                                                    TestX12021-07-26 05:53:12.551Z
                                                                    NatureDK12021-06-23 09:37:13.670Z
                                                                    Cat pictures
                                                                    Please, put cat pictures, I love them.
                                                                      NatureCD12021-06-19 05:23:21.651Z
                                                                      Hello, exemple i like phpboost
                                                                        TestFR212021-06-13 19:17:38.868Z