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Do you know interesting facts about flowers?

By @ksenia_second
    2016-06-12 10:52:23.491Z2018-05-15 05:50:42.938Z

    I know that some flowers can eat animals... What do you think about it?
    And what other facts do you know?

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    1. D
        2016-08-10 09:47:50.633Z

        Different flowers have different ways of dispersing their seeds.

        1. Aryan @albarose
            2017-01-04 21:34:50.225Z

            I agree, this is how it is going to be, and this is how it is going to look

            1. DDavid @davidlife
                2017-03-29 15:32:25.017Z

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                1. DDavid @davidlife
                    2017-03-29 15:32:40.068Z

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                    1. In reply todavidlife:
                      KajMagnus @KajMagnus
                        2017-03-29 19:43:15.238Z

                        What about this, built by the masters of nests:

                      • In reply toalbarose:
                        DDavid @davidlife
                          2017-03-29 15:33:00.860Z

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                          1. KajMagnus @KajMagnus
                              2017-03-29 19:44:46.119Z

                              The software avoids increasing the indentation level, unless there are two replies to the same comment. This is to avoid indenting too much (because then the text gets rather narrow, eventually).

                              1. In reply todavidlife:
                                  2018-05-09 15:46:05.588Z

                                  Have you considered the counter-argument, yesyesyesyesyes? Respectfully.

                            • P
                              In reply toksenia_second:
                              Philip @pleitch
                                2018-05-14 04:03:25.627Z

                                I disagree. There are plants that eat animals, there are flowers that use insects to pollinate and trap and kill those animals, but no flower that specifically "eats" animals. Eat generally means "digest", and only a few plants have digestive fluids, and they all have some type of trapping mechanism on "leaves", making a trap: venus flytrap, sundews, tropical pitcher plants, sun pitch plants, american pitcher plants, and albany pitcher plant, water wheel, and even bladder warts (and this list isn't complete). But as far as I know, not a single plant digests an insect inside the flower.