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The chicken or the egg

作者:Dominique Dutra @ddutra
    2019-10-23 20:39:24.929Z

    Which come first?

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    1. 回复ddutra:
      Dominique Dutra @ddutra
        2019-10-23 20:41:12.598Z

        Unrelated image.

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        2. Dominique Dutra @ddutra
            2019-10-23 20:40:04.231Z

            I`ve been thinking about this and have yet to reach a conclusion.

            1. W
              Waldo @Waldo
                2019-10-27 11:45:53.542Z


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                  Alex Cuthbertson @professorkaos
                    2019-10-27 11:53:03.980Z回复Waldo:

                    Well I definitely prefer the interface over Talk. It's much more playful

                    1. A
                        2019-11-16 16:23:39.801Z回复professorkaos:

                        I have not used talk, but the interface is nice.