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What flower?

By Ylva @ylvare
    2018-09-10 11:49:43.908Z2019-07-14 12:34:43.819Z

    What type of flower is this, in my garden?

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    1. KajMagnus @KajMagnus
        2018-10-18 05:49:27.434Z

        Actually, to me, that looks more like a cat (or a kitten?) than a flower. Are you sure it's a flower?

        1. Rriley @riley
            2021-07-30 20:43:00.135Z

            this is definitely a flower. perhaps an orchid?

            1. Rriley @riley
                2021-07-30 20:43:18.551Z

                how well do nested replies work?

            2. C
              In reply toylvare:
                2019-09-20 00:34:57.507Z

                Ah, finally somebody that put pictures of cats! Thanks!

                1. C
                  In reply toylvare:
                    2019-09-20 00:35:39.416Z

                    test reply

                    1. B
                      In reply toylvare:
                      Brett Jackson @bjackson
                        2020-06-26 21:23:35.403Z


                        1. J
                          In reply toylvare:
                            2021-08-06 19:48:09.134Z

                            I think this is a peonie. But maybe not.

                            1. Progress
                            2. C
                                2019-09-20 00:35:27.399Z

                                I have no idea what is a note...

                                1. N
                                    2020-06-21 16:56:33.796Z

                                    Another progress note here :)