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Do dolphins have names?

By Mangne @mangne2016-05-25 04:19:26.088Z

Do they call each other by name? Like humans do, except that they use those beep sounds instead of voice?

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  1. E
    Ella-Ilona @eulona2016-05-25 11:45:43.979Z

    I'm sure they have, since they are living in communities and having evolved "communication systems" between them.

    1. E
      In reply tomangne:
      Ella-Ilona @eulona2016-05-25 11:48:03.595Z

      I'm just testing if it works to post an image....

      1. Some disagree with this:
        In reply tomangne:
        @kristina2016-05-30 15:27:46.915Z

        I don't think so!

        1. A
          In reply tomangne:
          Adam Jankowski @adam2016-06-01 17:45:34.114Z2016-06-01 17:56:47.538Z

          I trully beliefe that they have names. :)

          1. Ross Varlese @rossvarlese2016-06-10 09:17:03.429Z

            Great answer - yes they totally have names. mainly Bob.

            And other names too

          2. N
            In reply tomangne:
            Nikita Dagdiya @nikita2016-06-10 12:18:34.624Z

            Yes, Dolphines do have names.

            1. BJames @BigJimmy2018-06-27 07:58:36.475Z

              Are they called Delphine?

            2. V
              In reply tomangne:
              Vijay @vijay18892016-06-11 03:59:17.275Z

              Yes they might have names, but they will call themselves in their own code language.

              1. V
                In reply tomangne:
                Vijay @vijay18892016-06-11 04:01:37.002Z

                Scientists have found further evidence that dolphins call each other by "name". Research has revealed that the marine mammals use a unique whistle to identify each other. A team from the University of St Andrews in Scotland found that when the animals hear their own call played back to them, they respond.

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                1. HRené Baron @Humanaut2021-01-12 21:02:01.387Z

                  Really nice picture.

                  1. HRené Baron @Humanaut2021-01-12 21:02:36.121Z

                    yes indeed

                    1. HRené Baron @Humanaut2021-01-12 21:03:10.467Z

                      and going one level deeper

                      1. HRené Baron @Humanaut2021-01-12 21:03:37.795Z

                        not sure whether I can dive any deeper

                2. In reply tomangne:
                  @ksenia_second2016-06-12 10:46:12.736Z

                  I'd like to think so!)

                  1. P
                    In reply tomangne:
                    Philip @pleitch2018-05-14 01:17:15.777Z

                    Have you seen "Flipper" It was a popular show, and the reboot had Jessica Alba. The whole show was about a Dolphin called Flipper. Just kidding - I have no idea but my guess is that "name" is a very human concept (humans have a way of trying to think of an animals from a human or like a human perspective). Do they have a way of communicating? Yes. Do they have different communications for different purposes, such as coordination? Yes. Do they have a way of calling specific individuals - I'm sure they do. Is that a "Name"? Maybe.... maybe it's as much a name as you wearing your favourite jacket, and having someone call to a person wearing that jacket. Name means different things in different cultures in humans, so expecting Name to mean in "Dolphin communication" the same thing it means in English is very unlikely.

                    1. B
                      In reply tomangne:
                      James @BigJimmy2018-06-27 07:58:23.697Z

                      I really like dolphins, I want to have one in my bath tub

                      1. O
                        In reply tomangne:
                        Object23 @Object232018-07-11 08:50:48.996Z

                        Of course they do! The problem is they can only choose among two: Ecco or Flipper :/

                        1. A
                          In reply tomangne:
                          James @ausaustest2020-02-07 08:21:53.951Z


                          1. KajMagnus @KajMagnus2020-02-07 09:32:03.260Z

                            Hi James, I'm curious about what makes you interested in Talkyard and how you have in mind to maybe use it?