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What is the story?

作者:Ailís McCaul @ailismccaul
    2021-06-17 10:57:05.183Z

    Tell me how to help tell a story.

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    1. 一些人不同意此观点:
      Ailís McCaul @ailismccaul
        2021-06-17 10:57:19.560Z

        YEs I've had that problem myself

        1. K
            2021-06-21 15:30:50.134Z

            You can tell them you want to help to tell a story, that they can:

            Start from the beginning of the story. 2) Proceed with telling the story. 3) Tell them the end. Or don't. Maybe it's more fun if they leave, feeling upset about not knowing how it ends?

            1. 一些人不同意此观点:
              Rajasee Ashwinkumar @raj
                2021-08-26 08:08:46.588Z

                emphasized text

                animal photo

                this animal picture is so wonderful.

                some more cat picture ideas:


                1. RRajasee Ashwinkumar @raj
                    2021-08-26 08:09:52.739Z

                    npw i m trying a way to post a reply to a response that exists.

                    1. RRajasee Ashwinkumar @raj
                        2021-08-26 08:10:06.441Z

                        yet anther response.

                        1. RRajasee Ashwinkumar @raj
                            2021-08-26 08:10:23.238Z

                            and another one... testing the arrowing that keep pointing downward.

                            1. RRajasee Ashwinkumar @raj
                                2021-08-26 08:11:09.211Z

                                my gosh so many nested answers.

                                1. Ppatchworkskye
                                    2022-04-09 14:36:05.373Z

                                    testing a nested comment

                                  • 回复raj:
                                    RRajasee Ashwinkumar @raj
                                      2021-08-26 08:11:32.935Z

                                      what if someone is interested in this comment and people keep posting as a response to it?

                                    • 回复raj:
                                      RRajasee Ashwinkumar @raj
                                        2021-08-26 08:10:58.049Z

                                        one more nested response.

                                      • 回复raj:
                                        RRajasee Ashwinkumar @raj
                                          2021-08-26 08:10:42.842Z

                                          and now here to test nesting

                                        • 回复raj:
                                          RRajasee Ashwinkumar @raj
                                            2021-08-26 08:10:32.695Z

                                            testing a reply here

                                          • L
                                            Leonardo Coelho @leo
                                              2021-09-20 16:20:01.650Z


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                                                renato guarilhacm @rguarilha
                                                  2022-04-29 22:34:53.053Z