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Healthy Living

By Ngure Nyaga @ngurenyaga
    2021-05-11 06:55:20.088Z

    Healthy living

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    1. N
      Ngure Nyaga @ngurenyaga
        2021-05-11 06:55:33.099Z

        Great tips!

        1. E
          In reply tongurenyaga:
          Erick @erick
            2021-10-06 02:40:12.075Z

            Living inevitably leads to death. The more you prolong your life, the more likely it is that you die of cancer.

            1. S
              In reply tongurenyaga:
              Hayes Haugen @slappy
                2021-10-16 18:02:58.726Z

                The more you more the less the more of having less. QED

                1. SHayes Haugen @slappy
                    2021-10-16 18:03:41.563Z

                    What if you start with half and increase to zero?