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I broke my leg.

By @alxtheprogrammer2020-10-18 22:51:43.908Z

How can I fix my broken leg?

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  1. A
    @alxtheprogrammer2020-10-18 22:52:23.151Z

    I give up.

    1. K
      Abner Rodrigues @kingaspx2020-11-03 13:53:20.922Z
      public void run(){
         //u need run forever
      1. Nnocmep @nocmep2021-01-15 12:57:57.946Z

        How can I fix this code? :-o

      2. Progress
        with handling this problem
      3. A
        @alxtheprogrammer2020-10-18 22:52:04.130Z

        I stopped the bleeding... xD